Occasionally we see congenital or genetic dental conditions such as invagination folds of enamel or malocclusion in large felids. 

The enamel defects allow bacterial invasion of the pulp chambers and eventually cause pulp necrosis at a relatively early age and associated abscess intra and extra-orally. The only treatment possible is extraction of the tooth or teeth in question.

Intra-oral view of the pulp cavity exposure and purulent discharge at the gingival sulcus.
Due to an unbalanced diet or a lack of browse, the teeth can develop malformed where they are an abnormal shape. (Postmortem Asian Female)
Radiograph illustrating the area of periapical radiolucency.can also rotate during eruption due to a lack of browse failing to produce physiological atrittion and progressive tooth loss. (Postmortem Asian female)
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