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Degenerative Conditions

If elephants are fed a coarse diet at an early age, premature wear of the occlusal surface of the molars may take place. This can cause pulp exposure, pulp necrosis and facial sinus tract discharging because of the resultant periapical abscess.

Each case must be judged on its merit whether extraction of the infected segment or partial endodontics is the most appropriate form of therapy.

Intra-oral view of the pulp cavity exposure and purulent discharge at the gingival sulcus.

Due to an unbalanced diet or a lack of browse, the teeth can develop malformed where they are an abnormal shape. (Postmortem Asian Female)

Radiograph illustrating the area of periapical radiolucency.can also rotate during eruption due to a lack of browse failing to produce physiological atrittion and progressive tooth loss. (Postmortem Asian female)

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