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The Technology


Dentistry is very much a technique and equipment orientated discipline. Working in zoos and safari parks, the operating facility must be totally portable and at the same time fully comprehensive so that any therapy can be completed predictably in the minimum of surgery time.

Some of the special equipment we use in zoo animal dental surgery. Every item is portable and light enough to transport by air anywhere in the world.


ZOODENT International almost certainly has the most sophisticated and comprehensive veterinary dental surgery set-up in the world. At the same time the equipment is highly portable and can be easily transported in custom built travelling cases. The operating facility is highly flexible and can be utilised in a great variety of locations, from the animals' dens, open paddocks and fields or standard operating theatres. The very wide range of instruments and mechanical devices has been researched carefully so they are suitable from the smallest animals in a collection, to the largest elephants.

The very wide range of instruments and mechanical devices are suitable for operating on the smallest animals to the largest elephants.

A specially made drill head used in thinning out a large infected elephant tusk.
Photo: Heike Weber/Tierpark Nordhorn


ZOODENT International over the years has developed a unique network of technical support advisors from all branches of industry. This way dental principles have been interpreted, so that state-of-the-art engineering techniques, products, materials and equipment are employed, as the size of the normal human dental instruments are frequently unsuitable in the treatment of large animals in wildlife establishments.

Engineers during an operation examining the special tools they designed and made for the surgery.

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