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Published Works


Exotic Animal Dentistry

Kertesz, P; 1987

In the Proc. The International Symposium of Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals, Cardiff, UK. 195-200

The Surgical and Restorative Dental Treatment of a Bactrian Camel (Camelus Bacrianus)

Kertesz, P; Gulland, FMD; 1987

Journal of Zoo Animal Medicine 18(2-3): 73-78

Observations on the Treatment of Necrobacillosis in Wallabies

Lewis, JCM; Fitzgerald, AJ; Gulland, FMD
Hawkey, CM; Kertesz, P; Kirkwood, JK; Kock, RA; 1989


Camelids – Dental Diseases and Dentistry – Part 1 - Dental Anatomy of the Camelids

Kertesz, P; 1989

Camelids Chronicle, 3:6

Exotic Animal Dentistry in Perspective

Kertesz, P; 1989

In the Proc. Exotic Animal Dentistry Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Veterinary Dentistry at the Crossroads

Kertesz, P; 1989

In the Proc. British Veterinary Dental Association Meeting, Birmingham, UK

Camelids – Dental Diseases and Dentistry – Part 2 – Developmental Dental Diseases

Kertesz, P; 1990

Camelids Chronicle, 9:6-7

The Principles of Elephant Tusks and their Extraction

Kertesz, P;1990

In the Proc. The Fourth Elephant Keepers Workshop, Port Lympne, UK 18-20

Specialised Equipment and Instrumentation in Zoo Animal Dentistry

Kertesz, P; 1991

In the Proc. Am. Ass. Zoo Vet. Meeting, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Wildlife Dentistry

Kertesz, P;1992

In the Proc. The Congress of the European Wildlife Rehabilitation Association, Thame, UK

In Search of Mr. Bishop

Kertesz, P; 1993

Vet. Rec.133:608-610

A Colour Atlas of Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Kertesz, P;1993

Wolfe Publishing, London

Endodontics and its Role in Equine Dental Treatment

Kertesz, P; 1994

In the Proc. The 33rd British Equine Veterinary Association Congress, Dubin, Rep. Ireland. 92

The Brown Bear in Europe: Its Plight and Dental Needs

Kertesz, P; 1994

Dental Update. 21:3: 117-119

Elephant Molar Disorders and Therapies

Kertesz, P; 1996

In the Proc. The Ninth UK Elephant Keepers Workshop, Chester Zoo, UK 26-31

The Principles of Elephant Tusk Therapy

Kertesz, P; 1997

In the Proc. The Fifth World Veterinary Dental Congress, Birmingham, UK, 195-198

Large Carnivore Dental Surgery

Kertesz, P; 1997

In the Proc. The Fifth World Veterinary Dental Congress, Birmingham, UK, 192-194


Kertesz, P; 2001

In the Encyclopedia of the World’s Zoos, Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, Chicago, 341-344

Dental Problems and their Treatment in California Sea Lions

Kertesz, P; 2002

In the Proc. IAAAM 33rd Annual Conference, Albufeira, Portugal, 160-162

The Treatment of Infected Tusks in a Collection of Pacific Walrus (Odobenus Rosmarus)

Kertesz, P; Harrison, J;  2002

In the Proc. IAAAM 33rd Annual Conference, Portugal, 163-164

Elephant Tusk Therapy in Perspective

Kertesz, P; 2006

European Association of Zoo- and Wildlife Veterinarians Proceedings, Budapest, Hungary, 203-206

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